XCOSA events will introduce you to the fun of lap racing, the only mountain bike Olympic discipline! We offer 5 XCO-type events:

  1. XCOSA XCO (Olympic) Cup Series and Championships – for race snakes and seriously competitive riders;

  2. XCOSA XCO League – for “newbies” to XCO lap racing and for race snakes & seriously competitive riders wanting to prep for race season.

  3. XCOSA XCE (Eliminator) and XCC (Short Circuit Racing) – the XCO “sprint” disciplines, for race snakes and competitive riders;

  4. XCOSA XCR (Relay) – for fun-filled team-based XCO competition, introducing mountain bikers to REAL XCO;

  5. XCOSA XCM (Marathon, in XCO format) – 20km, 40km & 60km events, the ultimate endurance events, inclusive of a tech demand.