ProVision Club Perks

The ProVision Club was founded with the aim to make the adventures of mountain biking more accessible, exhilarating and more affordable. Due to vast differences in individual lifestyles, time availability, fitness levels, skills levels and many more, we do not offer mass participation but support the notion of individualized and small-group involvement! As such we structure individualized and small-group sessions on request – some of our offerings are free to community members although some require a minor investment in pleasure at special tariffs to our members.

Membership Types

Anyone can join ProVision Club, a formally CSA affiliated club! We only offer VIP Membership - NO 2nd class citizens, and Club perks are unrivaled (see ad) …! And the awesome thing is it doesn’t cost you a thing, ProVision Club membership is FREE!!!

To Join

Contact us ProVision Club membership runs for a calendar year – from 1 January till 31 December. However, members joining our Club can do so at any time of the year. In order to apply for Club membership, just notify us through our website. Alternatively, just send us an email message requesting to join our Club at any time. Please take note that you may not be a club member of more than 1 CSA affiliated cycling club …

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