Our Aim

We offer the opportunity to develop the 3 basic elements that constitute mountain bike riding in an exhilarating, adventurous manner:

  1. Your body (your biomechanical machine).

  2. Your bike (the most efficient means of transport ever created by mankind).

  3. Your skills (merging body and bike).

XCO a Means-to-an-End

The only mountain bike discipline hosted as an Olympic discipline, and globally the most popular mountain bike discipline, is cross-country Olympic (XCO). Of all mountain bike disciplines, XCO offers the most fun and consist of lap racing around a short circuit containing various obstacles that must be negotiated. Apart from physical fitness, XCO also requires bike handling skills not required within XCM, and also a well maintained mountain bike. The level of technical skills required for XCO is the primary reason why most mountain bikers perceive XCO as “too difficult”! XCO is the ultimate means-to-an-end to ensure you get the most from your mountain bike!

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